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Round 5 tiebreaks: Tan Zhongyi is in the final
The tie-break of the Women's World Chess Championship Semifinal was played in the Espinas Palace Hotel on 25th of February. 

The match Harika Dronavalli – Tan Zhongyi continued with quicker time controls following 1-1 score after the first two classical games.

After Harika’s quick victory in the first rapid game, it was hard to imagine that Zhongyi will manage to equalize the score but that’s what actually happened.

Second games of the Semifinals: Muzychuk goes to the final, Dronavalli equalizes the score.
r 20170224 teheran wwc R5G2 7424 Harika Dronavalli TAN ZHONGYI INDIA CHINA

In the return game of the semi-final clash, Alexandra Kosteniuk lost against Anna Muzychuk and was eliminated from the Women’s World Championship. Harika Dronavalli made a comeback by winning an epic battle against Tan Zhongyi.
It seems Alexandra Kosteniuk didn’t manage to recover after yesterday’s loss. In a must-win situation she decided not to exchange queens after 7...dc and ended up in a worse position after 8.e5 Ng8. Anna Muzychuk increased her advantage and won the game to become the first finalist of the World Championship.

Two decisive games in the first day of Semifinal
r 20170223 teheran wwc R5G1 7335 Alexandra Kosteniuk Anna Muzychuk RUSSIA UKRAINE

The Semifinal matches of the Women's World Chess Championship started in the Espinas Palace Hotel (Tehran) on February 23.
Four players continue competing for the chess crown: Tan Zhongyi (China) faces Harika Dronavalli (India), and Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia) meets Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine). These matches consist of two games with the following time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 minutes for the rest of the game, plus 30 bonus seconds after each move. If the match is tied 1-1, it is continued on the tie-break with quicker time controls.
Roudn 4 Tie-breakes: Harika Dronavalli wins
 MG 3677

The tie-break of the Women's World Chess Championship was played in Espinas Palace Hotelon February 22. Only two players Harika Dronavalli and Nana Dzagnidze returned to the venue to determine the last semifinalist in rapid and blitz games.
Round 4 Game 2
r 20170221 teheran wwc R4G2 7127 Alexandra Kosteniuk RUSSIA

The second games of the Women's World Chess Championship Quarterfinals were played on February 21. Ju Wenjun, Antoneta Stefanova and Ni Shiqun leave the championship.

In the first game Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine), playing White, defeated Antoaneta Stefanova (Bulgaria), Harika Dronavalli (India) won as Black against Nana Dzagnidze (Georgia), and two other games were drawn – Ni-Kosteniuk, Tan Zhongyi-Ju Wenjun.
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