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Anna Muzychuk ties the score
r 20170301 teheran wwc final g3 8121 Anna Muzychuk UKRAINE

The third game of the Women's World Chess Championship final match was played in the Espinas Palace Hotel in Tehran on 1st of March.

Anna Muzychuk, who was losing the final match after 2 games, managed to win the third encounter to level the score.

The players repeated their opening from the first game – Tan Zhongyi once again played the French defense but deviated from the previous encounter already on move 3.
However, it did not surprise Anna Muzychuk, who was expecting “any possible move” from her opponent. Ukrainian player remembered her home preparation and felt she is more experienced in these type of positions than her opponent.
After 14. Bh7 Black’s position is falling apart. Nevertheless, Anna didn’t choose the most precise way to win the game and after 19.Bd2 (19.Qd6 or 19.Qe2 were better moves) Tan Zhongyi could have complicated the position by playing Nd5! 20. Ne6 Ne5! However, Chinese player failed to find this line and after 19...Rb8 20. Qd6 the outcome of the game was not questionable.
The fourth game is played on March, 2 at 3 pm local time. Tan Zhongyi has White.
The final match consists of four games. If the score after four games is tied, the winner is determined on tie-break with quicker time controls.
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