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Third round tie-breaks
r 20170219 teheran wwc R3TB 6890 Sopiko Guramishvili GEORGIA Harika Dronavalli INDIA

The third round tie-breaks started with 4 matches on February 19th at 15:00 local time. 

None of the matches were decided in rapid games at the 25 min + 10 sec time control.

All games finished in a draw in Kosteniuk-Cramling and Dronavalli-Guramishvili matches. Sopiko had good chances in the rook ending in the second rapid game but didn’t find a precise way to convert her advantage.

Ju Wenjun and Rout Padmini, despite winning their first rapid games, lost the second ones and let their opponents Olga Girya and Tan Zhongyi to level the score. 

Olga Giriya blundered a piece in one move in the first game but after such a hard blow she managed to mobilize all her strength and outplayed Ju Wenjun in a must-win situation. 

The fate of all matches was decided in 10 min+10 sec time control. 

In a first game Olga Girya didn’t find a precise way to convert her advantage in a rook ending. After 48.e4! Black would lose a pawn on h4 and had no time to promote his e pawn. The ending in the second game didn’t look promising for White but Ju Wenjun found a nice sourse (34.a4) to continue the game and eventually outplayed her opponent. 

The first game Dronavalli-Guramishvili with 10+10 time control was full of mistakes from both sides and the evaluation of the position was changing a few times. Sopiko was the last one who made a mistake in this game and in the second one Harika didn’t let her opponent to level the score in the match. 

After a shaky start rating favorite of the match Tan Zhongyi found her play in the second half of the match. She defeated her opponent in the first game and found a nice tactical source 14...Ne4, which killed hopes of Indian player to equalize the score. 

Pia Cramling got an advantage in the first game with 10+10 time control but made a crucial mistake on 47 move and had to resign few moves later. Swedish Grandmaster tried hard to equalize the score but former world champion didn’t give a her a chance in the second game of the match. 

The fourth round of the FIDE Women’s World Championship starts at 3 p.m. local time on 20th of February. Only 8 participants will continue playing and only four of them will proceed to semifinals.

8 Tan Zhongyi 1 Ju Wenjun
2 Muzychuk Anna 7 Stefanova Antoaneta
6 Ni Shiqun 3 Kosteniuk Alexandra
4 Harika Dronavalli 5 Dzagnidze Nana
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